Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Lunch Break Update, Needed Prayers

2010, I am passionate about seeing you go. You brought me the worst of times, the best of times. I don't know how flipping the calendar to January means it all starts anew, but to the great majority it does... so why not. Besides, I want a new start! I have set some personal goals for the new year, that include running 6 of 7 days a week, and following more closely the Weight Watchers plan of healthy habits. I would like to lose 5 lbs. by mid March and improve my race times. I also look forward to hearing from my Facebook (running) friends what running goals have been set... I will follow up and try to keep you on track! Run well!

On a sadder note, as normal in late December/early January, it seems I get more bad news messages than any other time of year. It is enough to depress the most optimistic of souls. My heart is hurting for several of my family members and friends, and for them I wish to say an extra prayer for God's blessings. Will you help me?

  • First, for my 83-year-old dad (Fred) who has been in the hospital for two weeks now. He put off seeing a doctor for what we now know was pneumonia. It has gotten worse, not better, in the hospital. Moreover, even though he was on a blood thinner for the last two years, he had a stroke while in the hospital! So now he can still move around, thank GOD, but his memory and cognition is affected. He is not doing well, although my brother is quite sure he will recover. My father does not give up easily, so pray that he keeps fighting, and inherently knows that he needs to fight and mend the illness in his lungs.
  • Second, please mention my mom Evelyn and brother Kevin in your prayers for strength. Mom faithfully visits Dad at the hospital, and Kevin is the administrator of every logistic.
  • Third, for Greg in Cleveland and his family, who lost their daughter Danielle suddenly on December 29th. She leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter.
  • Fourth, for Scott in Oregon, who has had more heartbreak than any man should have in a lifetime, and he is younger than I am... pray that his daughter Rebekah remains cancer-free, and that they all are able to handle losing wife/mommy Frances in the very near future to a terrible disease. For a faith-filled family this tragedy is unimaginable. I can barely form the words enough to specifically ask God but for His mercy.
  • Fifth, for Nikki, that her mom remains strong during her chemo treatments.
  • Sixth, for Mark and his children, that they remain blessed with good health, and protected by the Lord.
  • Seventh, for Scott, Shannon, Joy, and Bob, please heal their broken hearts, Lord. Show them all hope for a better tomorrow.
  • And for all who are suffering in silence, Lord, please extend your grace.
Despite what you have read above, we all do have blessings to count; actually, *because* of the above, we need to be counting them every day. I personally know how difficult it is to do that, focus on the positive while in the midst of what seems like endless negative... yet we still need to do it in order to not lose hope.

We also have to remain vigilant about our health and about our habits, that they lead us to positive outcomes. If you have a nagging ache in your body or heart, call a doctor or health professional. Please don't delay.

And with this new year, decide on a healthy goal -- like running more, or eating less fast food. Make a small change. Really do it this time. Pray! Be healthy! Count blessings! Be thankful.

To a better year than 2010 ~ Happy 2011!

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