Thursday, November 22, 2012

Morning Regret

In our darkest time, our most lonely, it is easy to say, “it wasn’t THAT bad.”  Clear decisions cloud with emotions.

Good memories shine through a frosted windowpane and feel like a paradise from which I deserted.  

How do I convince you that you made a sound decision, saying you deserved better, when now you APPEAR to have less?

This morning, Regret has overcome Sound Judgement of last evening. 

Your heart feels laden and you start to negotiate with God, or with the fates, or with higher powers, to take this quiet away.  “I could be satisfied with what I had, if you would please return it to me.” 

Fifth-best, or third choice, or cast aside for other options is not where you had once dreamed of being.  All your life you have given your best; do not take less. 

We teach people how to treat us.  Do not accept behavior that to them means “good enough.” 

Cry today.  See your strength of yesterday.  Make way for truer love tomorrow.