Thursday, May 20, 2010

Going out on a limb

So today I went a little bit out on a limb -- for me, anyhow. After another energetic conversation with my colleague and friend Rob Ziol, I picked up on one of his most major messages of the day -- to which I subscribe wholly: he wants to remove the word NO from daily general usage. Imagine the "loser-attitudes" we have created in ourselves just by believing that little word! Imagine how we have limited our possibilities in life.

With that in mind, I created a
Facebook group called, "I am done with NO... Start finding a way!" This group is for all who believe that the word NO should be banned from all dream-planning, goal-setting, problem-solving, child-rearing, loving, working, exercising, BREATHING. This word has assisted to create a society of loser-attitudes that I want to assist in evolving into winning attitudes. Not quite sure *how* I am going to do this, or how much I can do to help others change this attitude -- it just seems like a great place to start, with myself, and then sharing the opinion with others (via a worldwide social network).

It's a little crazy, a little out-there and daring, compared to how I live every day yet why should we be limited in how we live just because of hearing we
cannot do something? Who has that right to tell you NO?
(Unless you are a child and your parent tells you NO for safety reasons, family values, lesson teaching, budget limitations, etc. Which by the way, makes me want to stress now that children are EXEMPT from joining this group simply because hearing No from a parent is generally a good word to heed AND I do not want the outrage of your parents spread all over my blog and facebook group...)

One more caveat. As those dear to me know, I often roll my eyes over my husband Bob's "just be happy" attitude. This is NOT one in the same with his belief. I am not saying deny all obstacles existing and live in dreamland instead, I am saying you see the obstacles, acknowledge them, and walk around them. Or trudge through them. Or talk the obstacle out of the way. Perhaps negotiate with it, compromise with it. Find a way to win. And trust me, this does not guarantee that you will be blissful and happy and skate through your life -- you will likely hurt, you will cry, you will experience pain of sorts -- and you will experience joy, success, and accomplishment.

Perhaps a great way to demonstrate how saying "yes" can net miracles is to post stories I hear from actual people -- folks I know -- who have believed in doing something, accomplished something -- despite meeting up with the word NO quite a lot. Instead of walking away defeated, those folks tried again, perhaps a different way, or with more energy or renewed creativity. If you are one of these folks, email me your story, I will post it! If you know of someone, tell me about him or her, tell me how this person became better just for going forward. I intend to tell you about the special individuals in my life I personally know who finish the races they start; they will inspire me to live a better life. Right now, this is exactly what I need.

Negativity be GONE! Join me. You'll be amazed at how you'll LIVE.