Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Monday

So, I have no followers. Guess that is what happens when you attempt to create a Blog and then do nothing with it and tell no one about it. Perhaps I will post a few more times and *then* tell people. Must decide who all I want to let in to this attention-deficit life of mine.

Lately my life has been all about random thoughts.... Either because I am ADD or just way too busy? Who knows.

-- If I did not have a to-do-list at work I would not be able to actually perform four jobs to 80-percent capacity as I now do. Some day I would love to do only two jobs at 100-percent, wouldn't that be cool? Gone are the days of 40 hour work weeks, expecting to accomplish the list. It just revolves, moves forward to this week's agenda.

-- Mondays. Mondays pretty much always suck. I have tried taking a vacation day on Monday, to hide, yet then my Tuesday at work becomes my Monday. There is no escape, so why bother... face it, get through it. Blog to procrastinate.

-- So Savanna's math teacher emails me today, in short choppy incomplete sentences, and tells me that Savanna's mistakes are all about lack of attention to detail. My child suffers from the same deficiency as her mother: NO FRICKIN' TIME for ATTENTION to DETAIL. She is lucky Savanna even does her homework. She's in high school, hell, it's a major deal she even SHOWS UP. [note to self: regarding home to-do-list, speak with Savanna about ... what? cuz I forgot already.]

-- Regarding running. Too many choices for the weekends! Too many races, too many good people and tempting offers. Used to be such a small community, now I wait in line to be put on the waiting list.

-- How close do you have to be to a person to take the liberty of pointing out inconsistency in stories? Omission of vital details = lying. Do you get that?

-- It's usually best not to lie, period. `Cuz then you don't have to remember who you told it was just an emotional affair and who you told it really did get physical.

-- You have been driving without a license since DECEMBER, and suddenly on Easter you think you'd best skip dinner at my house for fear of being pulled over? Or was it just nerves over your job interview Tuesday? It has nothing to do with me? Tell Mom to lie better for you, her clueless look speaks volumes.

-- I know this is the information age, and the social networking sites have made it appear that I really DO have 400+ friends. But from YOU I expect a return call. Wait, I take that back -- from YOU I expect a call *before* I call you.

Oh, and if you are one of those people who expects me to call you first -- can you remind me just in case I forgot?

Thanks. -- S.