Monday, October 18, 2010

Short reflection on the Oil Creek 100k

Reflection on Oil Creek 100k course/race day:

  • Easily the hardest course I have run -- due mostly to the technical trails.
  • The course was forgiving in that the climbs were not relentless, and there were runnable sections with fewer rocks and roots (and random oil pipes) than other sections which were extremely challenging.
  • The blue sky weather gave us a spectacular start at 5 a.m. full of bright stars and gorgeous views.
  • The cool temps were a blessing compared even to the weather last weekend for the Towpath Marathon, but it was harshly cold at night if you concentrated on it (or left your gloves at an aid station).
  • Thank goodness for random porto-potties placed in the woods by the race director.
  • Very cool history surrounding and through the area.
  • GREAT door prizes!

Reflection on my results:

  • Okay, so I admit I am embarrassed at my 18+ hour finish.
  • I went out there to enjoy the day, run and have fun, and socialize.
  • I did not race it, I ran it.
  • I stopped for 9 porto-potty breaks -- which if you consider 3 minutes per break that is 27 additional minutes in the bathroom.
  • I stopped and talked and socialized and messed around at each aid station (because they were pretty far apart)... 8 total aid stations, 3 minute stop at each at least, that is 24 additional minutes at aid stations.
  • My longest run before this race was Burning River on August 1st. I have only run a marathon or 50k (or training runs of 20-26 miles) each weekend since.
  • Physically I was not in the greatest shape, I have been stressed emotionally, training poorly, and eating even worse.

My results overall are not THAT embarrassing:

  • There were 13 total drops from the 100k, 49 finishers
  • I was 35th of 49 finishers overall
  • 6 women dropped, 4 women did not start
  • Best of all, , and I was 7th of 13 females, or the 53rd percentile among women (right about where I normally finish)
  • This WAS a tough course. Really.

Looking forward, I would actually like to improve my times -- in other words, race a race instead of just run a race. Perhaps once my life settles down, a few notches below CRAZY, I will be able to actually train and do better than "good enough."

Congratulations to all my friends who were involved, and most importantly congratulations to Terri Lemke who braved the worst night (probably of her running career) and powered through 100 miles of adversity (assisted by a patient and persistent pacer, Mark Carroll). Terri is one TOUGH woman, mentally AND physically. I am so happy for her finish, most of all.

Congrats to Kim Boner who was first place woman for the 100k!

I am surrounded by greatness and hope that one day that greatness WILL rub off on me.

Heal well, everyone!

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  1. Suzanne, I am happy that you could have this embracing experience. Thanks for your race comments and reflections. This was one for you to be a part of, to work on the "inner race" -- the "outer race" WILL come back, I know it. These reflective times where one seems to slow down are important to partake of, and they do pass as we grow. This is a special time for you. And from what I have heard from others, it is a tough course! Take care of yourself -- and stay gold :) All the best -- Lisa