Monday, August 30, 2010

You just never know

It's Monday. As much as I SWEAR I am trying to be generally positive in my life, based on consistent evidence I have gathered for the past 11 Mondays, Mondays for me suck. I've analyzed the data, and the results suggest that some rather emotionally-challenging events have been placed in my life for nearly three months of Mondays (skewed possibly by my own bias, of course). Anyhow, I have yet to determine what exactly this means to society -- probably nothing -- yet at least the data could suggest why I have been a little bit more, um, UNHINGED, on Mondays (blurring in to some Tuesdays) this summer.

With this in mind, though I make light of it, I want to say: you never know what affect your words may have on someone... or how valuable a hug, or time spent together, can be to a person going through some really rough times.

Have you ever seen the movie "What Women Want"? There is a woman character in the movie who believes she doesn't exist, and is basically pretty desperate. The main character, Mel Gibson, has superhuman powers and figures out that she is needing to be saved; so he shows up at her apartment, gives her some kind words, a promotion, and basically saves her life. This movie character had been struck by lightening and could hear the thoughts of women -- not realistic -- BUT, my point is that you never know what interceding will do. You never know what good your words will do.

I received a thank you note from a neighbor friend the other day -- but it really was only DISGUISED as a thank you note. The note was a message communicating that she knew my summer was a rough one, and that she was there for me no matter what. No details needed, she just knew. It was the nicest "thank you note" I have ever received!

Last Thursday one of my running friends shared that in 2007 he was going through a terribly challenging time in his life, and showing up for Thursday runs with his group -- every Thursday -- kept him sane. He is a recovering alcoholic (now sober for more than 20 years) and who knows what he would have done if not for the stability of that group. He in turn told me to face my life "one day at a time," and helped me personally through that one hour which led to another, and another, and another.

Strangely enough, I found out from two other friends this weekend, and one more today, that my words had helped them get through a day when they were all wondering how that would happen.

My friend at work has such strong faith in the Lord, she knows that He is the ONLY one to keep her going. I am in NO WAY any competition for THE MAN, but maybe something I say in a day might lead her to recognizing more of God's grace in her life?

I am not saying that any of us are weak individually -- that we would not be able to pull together the strength to "get through" the day. I am just trying to say that you never know how your words will affect another person -- so choose wisely. You might be saving a marriage, an alcoholic from drinking, a faithful person from getting lost...

... you might even be saving a life.

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