Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, Winter, or Just a Full Moon?

Really trying to believe that Mondays are just Blue Mondays, and that after a weekend packed with running and parties we are all too involved with the work to-do list to respond to texts, emails or phone calls. Perhaps we are all just closed-up and put away for the Winter, in storage, until the weather is warmer and flowers are blooming. Northern Ohio folks are a little grumpier this time of year... but we haven't exactly had that hard of a winter, so maybe it is just the Full Moon. I think my email is down... and my phone, no service?

Where is everyone? Where has everyone been? Are we all just so overloaded with things to do that we cannot find the time to answer the call? You know, the call of a friend.

Communication is vital in every relationship. It is my opinion that lack of communication actually breaks up couples, and separates families.

I feel disconnected.

Despite having well over 600 friends on Facebook, I fear this electronic age is teaching us to not personally contact each other. I miss the days of receiving hand written letters in the US Mail, and greeting cards just for being thought of today.

That knock on the back door? Don't answer it, pretend we aren't home.

When was the last time you received a call just to check on how you are doing?

How many texts have you ignored today because you didn't think it "required" a response?

I am not sure how to fix this lack except to continue reaching out to those I love and hope they return my voicemail.


  1. I think you must be sharing my mind these days :) I just sat down and wrote out a dozen hand written letters and have been making an effort to call 1 to 2 friends a day :) Lets get together for a fun trail adventure soon! I miss my trail buddies!