Friday, September 30, 2011

I am where I should be

Isn't it funny how once in a while something just clicks and you get to understand one of your purposes on this earth or in the role you now serve? I had that happen to me this morning.

For all the times I have bemoaned the fact that I earned a Masters Degree and a State Counseling License and do not currently practice in the field, I was shown a reason today for my education.

I do believe that an unwritten job responsibility in my role as department coordinator and human resources liaison is to assist in mediating differences, and even more importantly to recognize (and support) those who do so much for so little. State employees like the staff I work with at CSU are being asked to take on two, three, and even four other jobs as retirements or vacancies are not filled due to budget constraints. So many of those additional responsibilities are not even incorporated into existing job descriptions, so no monetary compensation for the extra work is gained. This is not a random problem, it is a common widespread problem, in the academic world, public sector and even the private sector.

I do think, though, that by acknowledging appreciation for one's work not only recognizes that person professionally to colleagues, but works to bolster self esteem and motivation to continue doing the job. Lately I have been shown the opportunities to do just that for my team mates. No, I am not the "boss," we are equals -- but saying "thank you" and "good job" does matter, and can positively turn a negative day into a more positive one... I have watched it happen.

Thank God I am blessed with emotional intelligence and though not in a managerial role can affect the production of others so we move forward as a unit. We benefit, and that in turn benefits the students we are working to serve.

I am where I should be... today is a good day.

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